Welcome to the COCA COLA AUSTRALIA BUY SELL AND TRADE Page-  Please read the rules before placing an ad  +++ The Admins (& creator) of this group hold NO responsibility for the goods sold or bought within the group. It's up to the individual to determine the condition, authenticity, value, legality etc of the goods. +++. GROUP ETIQUETTE 1) Once your item sells please DELETE the ad (photos included) 2) Duplicate posts will be deleted without warning. 3) Please limit 'bumping' to once in a 24 hour period. more than this will result in your 'bumps' AND/OR the entire post being deleted without warning. The 24 Hours starts from the time post is made and there-onwards (Unless someone has commented on the post within that 24hours, in which case your post will have returned to top of wall anyway, so start counting from there) *Only 'bump' your own items, not anyone else's (this includes the 'bumping' of family members posts). **Admin reserve the right to 'bump' a post if someone is looking for that particular item. 4) If adding MORE THAN 4 ITEMS for sale- Create an album. (click on 'photo's' then click 'upload photos') Otherwise it creates 'bumping fever' on the wall- as everyone wants their ad to be seen..not the whole wall of your photos. 5) It is preferred for your message settings be set to 'everyone'. Be sure to check your 'other' message folder regularly, which you will find by clicking on messages (then clicking on 'other' ) as you will not always get pop -up notifications. *to check that your able to receive private msgs, click on 'account', then click 'privacy settings', then click 'view settings' and make sure you select 'everyone' on the 'send you msgs' section. 6) Links to other pages will be deleted, so please don't post them. If you continue to post links, you can and will be removed from the group.7 ) Wanted ad's are welcome. 8) We appreciate feedback. This includes suggestions, questions or even complaints about other members behavior. If we receive 3 complaints from different people- about the same person for whatever reason ie. failure to pick up item as arranged, failure to sell item as arranged, rude, aggressive or argumentative behavior etc we will ban said member without warning. 9) Posts Older than 1 month may be deleted, Photos/Albums older than 2months will be deleted.. 10) When putting posts up,a PRICE is a must within the description area. We have had a couple of complaints about This,so now it's a rule! If there's no price at the time of posting it will be deleted. And Finally, Have some common courtesy for other members. Manners are free! ** FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE GROUP ETIQUETTE (RULES) MAY RESULT IN YOU BEING PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM THE GROUPHANDY HINTS:1) If your searching for an ad you saw earlier, there is a search function on the top right corner of page. ie. if it was a boat, type in 'boat' press enter, and it will bring up all posts made with that word in it. you can then click on the relevant post & it should take you directly to the ad2) If you (or someone) is searching for a particular photo within the album, you can comment on it with 'bump' which will return the photo to the top of the page 3) To DELETE an entire album, click on the album title, then click edit album, then click delete album. To DELETE a single photo (ie. sold an item) click on the photo, then down the bottom there should be a 'delete (or remove) photo. NOTE: Smartphone users are still able to delete their photos. you 'swipe' your finger across the photo and the delete option should pop up.4) If not sure about something please contact an admin, we are happy to help. 6) Lastly, if your viewing the page from a mobile phone or iPad, your viewing options will be limited if using a facebook App. you will only see recent posts & photo's, and possibly may not be able to find what your looking for (fb seems to randomly decide what will show on a mobile news-feed) but if you know what your looking for, you can politely ask (on the wall) for someone to 'bump' it up for you :-) Alternatively you can use safari or your internet tab to have normal group functionability