Judgement Yard Zimbabwe

Staera Staera
JUDGEMENT YARD is a SOUND that promotes honesty as our building
block for growth. Our vision starts with
a real person and a desire to build the mind through music and friendship. We believe music and communication are the key components to interact with the world.

Judgement Yard posts a continual news feed. All links are secure and your
information is never exchanged with any other party. If you contact
us via email we will try to respond as soon as possible, again your
information is always safe and never shared.

We continually stream because we have so many people that are in different
time zones, work different shifts and look for different content. If
you chose to "like" us you always have the option of removing us from
your news feed and just checking in when you want....

Staera Staera!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hie Guys Pliz Take Note of The Following Below:

1.No hate speech is allowed on our Page
2. Do not use obscene, rude, crude or insulting nicknames towards ZiJudgement Yard Djs.
3. Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, swear at, sexually harass or
abuse another participant.
4. One-liner comments that are negative, defamatory in nature or
intended to incite hostility may be moderated.
5. Responses to any posts or users that are guilty of violating the above
rules, and that also violate them, will also be moderated accordingly.

* Please note: If you repeatedly disregard the above rules, you will be
banned from our page.