Frugal Israel

Anything frugality related in Israel. Good sites to help you be frugal, deals for israel, asking about frugal living in Israel, sharing money saving ideas, and posting about frugality related events, etc.

Group rules:
Religious discussions: This group is about frugality in Israel, and isn't just for religious/torah observant people. I don't want there to be threads about religious issues. If you want that, a woman just started a group for that- - sorry men, that group is for ladies only.
You can mention religious things as a side note, like which hechsher something is, but please refrain from commenting to someone in a thread what the halacha is regarding something, or telling people that something is assur. There are topics that combine frugality and hashkafa/halacha, like how to heat food on shabbos frugally, or if you should be frugal with shabbos purchases, etc... and I'll allow those... at least for now. But please refrain from telling people that what they're doing is assur, as everyone has their own rabbanim, and some people on this group arent religious, and this group is for everyone.
Political discussions should stay off this group. This isn't a place for political debates.

You may promote yourself occasionally when it is relevant to the group, like if you have a blog post about frugality, etc... But please promote others much more than you promote yourself- you should post at least 4 to 5 helpful things to the group/links to other sites for every post you make promoting yourself. Please don't promote the same web page/product repeatedly. Try to be reasonable and use the group to help others and not just make money for yourself. The rest is subject to individual cases; if people complain that someone is promoting themselves too much, then they'll be asked to stop.