Welcome to the Cameron Mitchell Facebook page, where we gather to educate, celebrate and promote the acting life of our dear Uncle Buck Cannon. Uncle Buck is how most of us know him, but Cameron Mitchell honed his craft over 20+ years during the Golden Age of Hollywood, on Broadway and in Europe before joining The High Chaparral cast in 1967. He continued working after THC, having accumulated more than 300 credited appearances in movies, TV shows and plays. In fact, he worked up until the year he passed away in 1994 at the age of 75.

So thank you for joining us. We look forward to seeing you on the page. We urge respect, good taste, and we remind our members that this is a global audience. Remember the right to privacy for his family members.

Although Cameron Mitchell, born November 4, 1918, appeared in hundreds of shows, movies, stage, perhaps he is best and most fondly remembered as UNCLE BUCK CANNON. We think so, anyway, so we create a place that we can honor, respect and admire him.

Buck Cannon is the neighbor you wish you had, the family you want to lean on when times get tough. His eyes could hold such warmth, amusement, affection, yet we still shivered a little when they took on that fierceness.

Buck Cannon’s hands, which knocked down more men than he could count, also were the hands that tenderly touched the people he loved, children, even horses.Those who knew Cam, as they called him, said this part of him was not ‘acting,’ that Cam truly loved children and animals. You just gotta love a man who loves children and animals, right?

He was a real man! No pretense about him. He never tried to be something he wasn't and he always stood for the right thing. He was a man you want to have your back because you could always count on him. He was somebody that gave 100 percent. He fought hard, he worked hard, he drank hard and he played hard! And when he did give his heart to the ladies it was for real. If I was in a scrape I would want him on my side!

Big John Cannon, Buck’s older brother, never knew that his strength came from his brother Buck. Like a graceful column that gets its inner strength from the steel post inside, Buck Cannon was the hidden strength of Big John Cannon. Buck’s life was about putting himself and his ego in the background to promote the lives of those he loved and befriended. Who wouldn't want an uncle,relative, or friend like that? One who makes you look better at their expense?

An accomplished big screen actor, he took the role of Uncle Buck and ran with it, and became one of the most memorable characters on the show. Buck Cannon’s almost infinite capacity to give of himself is a treasured attribute that we admire. It was a part that Cameron Mitchell played, but it is how we see him, remember him, honor him.