Grenada Lake Yard Sales Online

This is a group to sell n buy as you would at yard sale. I do have rules and if not followed you will be deleted.
1. No small businesses on the group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Remember to be fair this is for yards sales not department store!!!!!!
3. Delete your pictures after a sale...
4. Most important respect !!! Others!!
5. If you purchase an item make sure you and the person are on the same page and follow through with sale. If for some reason you can't and we all know things come up, call tex inbox whatever to let the person know .
6. Don't be a no show, see that you try e every way to Let the person know in advance you have change day or time.................
7. There will be no drama posted on the page, if you have a problem with someone inbox me and I will try my best to fix or handle it, first you inbox that person and see if you all can come to an agreement.
8. I would love to see everyone buy and sell and be happy with purchases and sales. As we know today's world is making where we are going to have rely on one another, so lets do this with respect and pride. Do what God would do! I don't think. I'm asking to much from adults , yea it might take little more time and effort but you want to stay in the group than please follow rules.!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and God bless.