Official Johnson Controls Employee Group

Welcome to the Johnson Controls Employee Facebook group. We’re delighted to have you join and encourage your participation.

The group was started by Johnson Controls for the purpose of helping employees connect with each other about our Vision, and Mission, 10 year markers and company activities. It is a closed (private) group and only existing Johnson Controls employees, joint venture employees and contractors are permitted to participate. As this is our first Facebook group for employees only, and to allow as many employees to participate as possible, this group will be run in English only.

All postings in the Facebook group are to be related to Johnson Controls Vision, Mission, 10-Year Marker or company activities. To help keep this group fun and friendly, we ask that you be respectful in your postings and comply with all Facebook terms and policies, including not posting comments, images or other types of content that are:
1) abusive, racist, harassing, defamatory or obscene
2) fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
3) in violation of a law or regulation, another person’s intellectual property rights, or another’s privacy
4) disclose confidential or proprietary information regarding Johnson Controls or its affiliated entities and/or it or their businesses
5) address or concern specific customers of Johnson Controls.

We also request that you do not share content that is posted in the group to your personal Facebook page or any other social media sites. If you are posting photos or videos, please ensure you have appropriate approval to do so.

Anyone posting material that is outside the scope of our Vision, Mission, 10-Year Marker or company activities, or that does not comply with Facebook’s terms and policies, will have their posts deleted and will be subject to removal from the group.

The Johnson Controls social media team will be helping to moderate the group. If a comment or post requires a response our team will do its best to follow-up with a meaningful response within 24 hours during normal U.S. business hours.

To learn more about Johnson Controls Communication Policy, which includes social media, please click here
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.