Qatar Folks

Qatar Folks, is just a simple group
Our only rule is no rules
No deleted posts unless we don't cross the far lines
No swearing please (Just when needed :p )

Well, I think we will have some fun here

You can post anything you like, but the more we post about Qatar the better it it will be

Lets enjoy and NO more Admins bullsh!t

Qatar Folks
We are unofficial page, supported by no one, but the great members in the group
Our aim is to have a page where we can have a laugh, and share what is happening in Qatar or any other place
We also have no problems if you have any issue you have to ask about, i.e (location of a place you don't know, what papers I need to ...) all these sort of things
I have created this group, which is not a big deal, anyone else can do this
I am a Jordanian Guy living in Qatar (I think you don't need to know anything else about me)
The Admins for now are:
Yazan Yousef
Moe Sniper
Kharen David
If we needed more support we may ask for more volunteers, that will depend on you guys being active
Have a nice stay in Qatar

Rules and Regulations:
1- Repeated posts will be deleted.
2- Any Racist comment or any personal insult will be deleted (But for sure there are some people like to be called Jerk or Stupid, so that doesn't count)
3- If you noticed that a post has something wrong in the content, or it insults you personally, report it and we will take an action.
4- English is the used language as we are from different countries and we need a common language.
5- You will be blocked for a while if you didn't follow the first 4 rules

Let's make the page a relaxing place :)