Archery equipment for sale

Archery equipment for sale.

Hi guys welcome to Our new archery selling / wanted group. Many of us have lots of archery equipment we no longer want or need this is the perfect place for you to get rid it. You will not just be earning yourself some extra cash but your also be helping other people who can't always afford top shop prices. So please add your unwanted stuff.

Anyone looking to buy certain items can also put wanted posts on here anyone who then has these items forsale can contact you.

Please add all your archery friends to this group let's make this the number one archery selling site.
we all know how expensive archery can be to get started and we also all know how quickly we collect stuff we no longer need so have a sort out of your old gear and lets get this group buzzing.

We welcome you to this group where you can buy and sell your unwanted archery equipment.

We thought with so many archers it would be a fab way of selling your unwanted stuff.

It is simple and easy to do

Below are some basic rules:


1, Please put clear description of the items you are selling, including any are welcomed please add your location so buyers know where you are for collection, postage should be sorted out between the buyer and seller if collection is not possible.
when your item is sold please put sold under picture.

2, No animals, No weapons, No illegal items.

3, There is no fee.

4, Give buyers 12 hours to reply before moving on to your 2nd in line and 3 days to collect

5, Please be fair..... 1st come 1st served x

6, No Bumping posts (serial bumpers will be deleted)

7, No buying and selling to make a profit this site is to help people out not make a profit from people.

8, Please delete your pictures and albums when items are sold.

9) No inbox selling.


1, This group works on a 1st come 1st served basis, so if you see anything post on pic ASAP.... (do not inbox privately to make a sale)

2, You are responsible to the seller to make payment, and collect (unless you have agreed with buyer for them to deliver)
or post.
3, If you are not happy with item then We take no responsibility.
The sale is between seller and buyer so please be sure about what you are buying.

Note to all, we hope you grab some bargins, and meet some friends....

Cash on collection!!!!!
Any other payment means ie cheque, postal order etc should be sorted out with buyer and seller.

We are making no profit from this group.

You are more than welcome to donate your unwanted items that you cant be bothered to sell to this group for us to sell any money taken for these items would be donated to a charity ( still to be decided on)

Thank you so much

Have Fun and Happy shooting XXX