Coalinga Citizens

People choosing to ignore the rules may be banned.

1. Name calling is not allowed.
2. Threats are not allowed.
3. Posting memes or pictures of others or others posts or comments in a degrading fashion is not allowed.
4. Repeated posting or the same or similar meme or photo is not allowed and those memes and/or photos will be removed.
5. Memes or photos which have no relevance to the topic will be removed.
6. Foul language, profanity, lewd remarks are not allowed.
7. Personal attack against another member or business or group are not allowed.
8. Attacking others based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition is not allowed.
9. One post of advertisement per day. If you want to sell multiple things please make an album and post 1 album per day.
10. Third Party website advertising such as scentsy, ebay and amazon are not allowed. You must be the website owner to post it on here. Duplicate posts can be deleted. This group is primarily for people local to Coalinga. Spam advertisers will be banned asap!!!..!!

CHANGE: If the author of a topic/thread attacks another member or uses profanity, the topic will AUTOMATICALLY be removed. No questions asked. Repeated incidents may result in that member being banned.

Admins make the decisions on what is conversation and what is breaking the rules. If you feel that you or someone else may have been removed or blocked unfairly make sure to contact an admin. Complaining about it in open forum will get no response from admins and if the only goal is to start drama then you will be removed. If you have been threatened by another member then call the police. If your intent is to agitate the group then please leave as it wont be long before you are removed...