Ansarul Boys and Girls Secodary School(Sierra Leone)

Please friends, and family on Facebook. Help me to wish my dear baby daughter Princess Mariama Sidibay a very happy 9th year birthday. I wish her 9x20 more years of longevity and prosperity. Since your birth on a cold winter night of this same day in December 2005, you have been a bundle of joy to us, your parents, as well as your siblings, and you've been very excellent with your academic work, just like your older siblings in Boston Latin and Mount Holyoke College. You're showing all of the signs of following the bandwagon. Hopefully in the next year and a half, you will enter the Steppingstone Academy to start preparing for Boston Latin, just like your older siblings did. It is a blessing indeed to have Mariama as a child, Alhamdullillah ( Tando bee Allah yeh). She always says funny things that makes you laugh. She makes me laugh a lot. She is also happy and easygoing. Perhaps, it is because she is the youngest of four girls. Everything comes to her aide easily, time flies. I remember when she was born on a cold winter day - December 21st - a few days before Christmas. According to the doctor, she was supposed to be a Christmas baby. Fortunately, she came a few days before Christmas. Happy Birthday Mariama Sidibay (Cheers!)