Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC)

The Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) is an organisation of Australians of culturally diverse backgrounds, who have the common aim of combating racism and historical falsifications concerning Macedonia. AMAC seeks to monitor the activities of those who use historical falsifications to legitimise territorial claims against other nations, thereby threatening peace and stability in the Balkans and multicultural cohesion here at home.
MEMBERSHIP INTO THIS GROUP: There are a number of people (with Slavic surnames) who have requested membership into the AMAC Facebook Group. We have not accepted them, on purpose, as, in the past, some people with Slavic names have been exposed as having fake profiles and whose only intention was to agitate members, provoke, and use it as a forum to spill out their propaganda and generally present the usual maniacal Slavic claims. Those requesting to join this Group must either be introduced by one of the members or private message us as to why they want to join. We won’t tolerate irredentist, dogmatic, baseless manure being presented as history.
MISSION & OBJECTIVES: Our primary objective is to safe guard the interests of the Hellenic people against those who desire to destroy and reduce the very foundations of Hellenic culture. Our secondary objective is to safe guard the interests of the Hellenic Macedonian cultural heritage and history. Our third objective is to share, create, and exchange ideas and knowledge with the aim of enhancing and developing the group’s intellectual level of understanding of Northern Greece commonly known as Macedonia.
GROUP DYNAMICS: In accordance with normal group dynamics and acceptable societal behaviour, NO vulgar language, personal attacks, racism, bullying, offensive behaviour, pornographic material or topics that may offend a member or members of the group is permitted. Although English is the preferred language, Greek is also acceptable. Expletives may be used to describe a statement but kept to a minimum. Debates, discussions may be robust, passionate and at times volatile without resorting to inappropriate language and behaviour.
NEFARIOUS OR RECALCITRANT MEMBERS: Members who CONSTANTLY fail to follow the Groups Code of Conduct will be shall be subject to counselling by administrators. Should initial public counselling fail, administrators are to follow the steps as indicated below:
1 Administrator counsels the member in private.
2 Members topics hidden.
3 Members topics removed.
4 Member suspended for a period of time.
5 Member is banned.
ADMIN: An Administrator is a person who demonstrates leadership, communication skills, patience, moral fibre, emotional maturity, intelligence, political understanding, freedom of expression, life experience, and most of all possesses "COMMON SENSE".
MISC: These rules might change from time to time, in accordance with Group dynamics. Any changes will be advised beforehand.