All Things Handmade by Texans: Ellis, Navarro & Surrounding Areas

This group page is open to anyone from Texas who make and sell handmade items.

All items must be handmade and available to ship to anyone out of the area. If you have a page or link for your items you can also post that here and on our business page:

We DO NOT ALLOW any pornographic items to be listed. They will be removed and member will be banned!

BUYERS: You will be responsible for paying for shipping for any items you order from the seller.

SELLERS: You must be willing to ship if the customer wants to order any of your items.

ALBUMS: Please make photo albums for your items. Be sure to title the albums so that people can find your items easily in one place.

BANNER: Once a week I will select someone's items to be the banner photo. When I post the comment to "like or comment" the first person to respond will have their items displayed!

You do not have to live in Texas to order from any of the sellers, but you must be FROM TEXAS to list items.

Have fun and good luck on selling your items!