Falkirk/Grangemouth/Bo'ness/Stirling Areas, Items For Sale, Free or Wanted

Welcome to the Falkirk, Grangemouth, Bo'ness and Stirling areas 'Items For Sale' Page. This Page is a Open page, but new members still need confirming as it allows the admins to ensure genuine sellers and buyers to join, and thereby reduces spamming. The rules are as follows:
1) No weapons, counterfeit goods, Alcohol or tobacco products, medicines or over the counter drugs!
2) No animals for sale or rehoming, with the exception of ‘lost pet posts’
3) No commercial ads for Avon, Ann Summers, Bluebella, Oriflame, Jamie at Home or other party plan. If you are a Crafter or offer home-made items then this is fine.
4) Please make an album for items for sale or a maximum of 5 posts a day. Please keep bumping to a minimum, this ensures all sellers get a fair chance. Also please remove sold items as this stops the page being slow.
5) Please state clearly the price you are looking for... NO MAKE ME AN OFFER, as this is not an auction site.
6) Photos of the ACTUAL ITEM please, NO GOOGLE IMAGES.
7) The admins cannot and will not accept responsibility for any items that are for sale or have been sold, it is down to the individual buyer and sellers to ensure they are happy with the transaction. If a problem occurs and the admins are bought into the dispute, whilst we are happy to give our opinion, we have NO authority or power to do anything, apart from issuing a permanent ban. Ensure you are polite and prompt, and all items are thoroughly checked over and you are happy before handing any money over.
8) We will not tolerate any form of abuse, slander, rudeness, bullying or bad language on this page, regardless of the reason, in this event a permanent ban will be enforced. Grievances must be settled off this page.
9) If seeking a business on here please take it upon yourselves to check Insurance documentation otherwise this site wont be liable, if you would like to provide proof to admin we can state on your business post that we can assure buyers that you have relevant documentation.
In conclusion this page moves fast, and bargains are often found, it is up to the seller who they would like to sell to, Admins cannot and will not dictate how and who to sell to, we only monitor the page to ensure its safe and reduce the risk of spamming, if you want complete seller/buyer protection I suggest you use ebay, as we run this page purely on a voluntary basis with no pay!
*Admin reserve the right to remove posts and members without warning.
*If you have been banned from other groups you start this page with an automatic warning.
*Please ask permission before posting new groups, we reserve the right to refuse.**This page is copyrighted anyone found to be using this name elsewhere will be in infringement of this**