Micro Jobs Barbados !

WELCOME to Micro Jobs Barbados !

Micro Jobs Barbados is an exciting community where people can share their unique skills, expertise, knowledge, businesses and individuals can get work done for much less!

Micro Jobs Barbados provides a cost effective way for individuals and business owners to outsource small, one-time tasks that need to be done.

The hassle or expense of doing it the traditional way is absent! Micro Jobs Barbados is committed to helping everyone get better value for money and access to lower cost services, while enabling creative and talented people to earn a living online.

Capitalising on a growing trend of mico-employment, this group is based on matching people with marketable skills and services to those who need them.
Featuring a user-friendly platform, registered members can post jobs that they are willing to do.

People from all creative fields and backgrounds are signing up to Micro Jobs Barbados from professional freelancers and small businesses, to students and stay at home Mums (and Dads) looking to earn some extra money.

Members offer to provide services or perform specific tasks, within certain time scales, for a fixed price.

Once the order has been completed, the Seller gets paid – it’s that simple!

Micro Jobs Barbados is very easy to use - the website uses social media tools to help promote each listing posted by a Member and notifies them when they have a new order, as well as looking after payment – which is backed up by a 48 hour payment guarantee.

Whether you need, writing and translation, video, music and audio production, social marketing, graphics , virtual assistant services, handyman, nanny errands, shoppers, homework help, SBAs help, billpaying, your favourite photos professionally retouched, a website designed or even want to learn Spanish over Skype (and everything in between), Micro Jobs Barbados is the place to find it.

Micro Jobs Barbados ….the microjobs marketplace – getting jobs done for less!