For sale in Livingston County Ky

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED IN YOUR PROFILE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN!!! I see several people continuously trying to be added but if there is no way to tell if you are local or not you will not get in. That is fine if you want to keep stuff private on fb then at least msg one of the admins to let us know but you will be denied if we can't tell if you are local or not.

Also, events/garage sales, delete once over, thank you!

Also, no work at home, diet/weight loss, join my sales team etc... stuff.

No Selling or Buying of Animals!!!!! Lost/found are allowed.

This is for local people to buy, sell, post ISO (in search of) their personal items. Be polite, respond to people, don't leave them guessing if something is available or not, post prices, condition, location etc.... to make it easier for everyone and get your stuff sold faster. If you commit to buy something, or to sell to someone please follow through!!!!! IF something comes up let the other person know, just common courtesy!