(ab)Terris - Iowa State University's Graduate Landscape Architecture Group

(ab)Terris is an organization established by students of the Iowa State University graduate landscape architecture program. We seek to deepen the understanding of landscape architecture through collaboration across disciplines and outreach to the broader community.

For more information see: http://www.sodb.stuorg.iastate.edu/view-details.php?id=1710

Membership Qualifications:
In order to be considered a member, interested students must pay a fee of $10 per semester or $20 per academic year. Qualified members are allowed to vote on club issues and for club officers.
Membership Restrictions:
Any registered ISU student may become an (ab)Terris member, however only registered graduate students of the Landscape Architecture Program may become officers of this group.
Elections: First week of April.
Meetings: College of Design, Room 540 unless otherwise posted/noted