Synthopia & Skerat's Eclectic podcasts

Hi and welcome to Synthopia

Synthopia was a Synth music show on... the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month & Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts is the new monthly show. Note if you are a band wanting to submit music for consideration for the next new podcast show. Please message me here on Facebook or via twitter (just look up Skerat), by the 15th of each month.

Please always respect the rules of this group, upload any videos, news, etc that STICKS TO THE THEME of Synthpop, New Wave, Synthtronica, Punk wave ("NOT" club\dance\Trance\hip hop\dub step\house\Metal\Terror music, unless it's a mix variation of the original or variation from one of the artists played on Synthopia) from the year 2000, until the present day. Posts that do not seem appropriate will be deleted. If you are unsure please listen to one of the shows, to get a better idea of the sound. Anyone who continues to constantly and deliberately stray will be removed from the group. Remember there are other groups for these other genres and please don't debate the difference of the genres. I'm confident we all know what type of music needs to be posted here. Please also try to make sure posts are in English, as that is the main language that the members speak and understand.

Most importantly please do all you can to support the artists on this page, especially the ones who have happily agreed to be part of this group. DO NOT post links to ripped files or suggest copy's of MP3s. I do not want services like Zippy, mediafire & torrents to be used in the group. They are hard to police for legitimate material & can lead to dubious sites. Remember if you like the music please BUY the music & if a band is playing live in your area get along and support them.

PLEASE RESPECT ALL MEMBERS, AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT post any objectionable material at anytime, discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. Always make sure you report any form of harassment to the admin ASAP. Anyone not abiding by these rules will be removed.

Please Do NOT post messages to promote other radio or podcast shows. Keep in mind that this is the official promotion page for my shows. I have contacted every single artist\band I play and I have put a lot of hours and work into doing this.

Always remember that the work done by me on this page and on the podcasts is VOLUNTARY (with many hours put in). I always try to accommodate everyone as best as I can, but please be mindful that the playlist is quite extensive & not everything is always possible :)

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