Angola-Fremont-Coldwater Garage Sale

1. This site does not require an album, but it is optional. Therefore, if you have more than 10 items, it is required that you make an album on this site.

If you use this site from your phone, you can create an album on your personal fb page, and make it public, and let posters know your album is located on your profile.

Another option is that you may list your items in text (without photos- one post) and if you have interested buyers, you can share photos through their inbox or personal cell number.

If everything in your album has sold, delete the album. This will also keep clutter down.

2. If something sells, DELETE it. Do not put Sold in the comment box. If you took the time to add it, take the time to delete it.
This will also keep clutter down.

3. Bumping- ONCE every 48hrs. Be polite, and give others a chance to post items for sale.

4. No drama please. If an issue arises, please pm me or the poster. Do not make your issues public.

5. DO NOT block administrator. you will be found and banned.

6. absolutely NO SPAM. NO cell phone spam. NO purse spam. No shoe spam. You get the picture.

Take note- rules will periodically be revised as issues arise, if needed, so that we all can have fair game at this site. If you have suggestions, feel free to pm me! Thanks guys!