Fuck Priceline.com

Priceline Sucks: 4 tickets for the price of 10!
Bought tickets from California to Florida, with a rental car from FL to Maryland, and then a return flight from Maryland to California.. Priceline decided to change my ticket times for the same day, a Friday, from that evening to a 0100 in the morning flight. Long story short, we missed our flight and Priceline pretty much told us to pound sand for the first leg but that the rest was good to go. Came out of pocket and had to buy 4 same day tickets (at about 500 apiece) to fly to a family reunion.. Worse, when we verified with the airline, they said that Priceline had cancelled the entire reservation, so had to pay a rebooking fee for all four tickets (another 6 bills!) to reapply the funds paid up front for just the return flight... Priceline's answer, again, was pretty much "suck it, not our problem."
Will never, never, NEVER use Priceline again, and I hope they appreciate the fact that they'll get a million dollars in free negative advertising for the bargain price of the extra 2800 bucks I got bilked out of.