Harley Davidson bikes n bits for sale in the UK

If you don't have a profile picture or something bike related we can see on your profile please don't bother asking to join. We check every profile to see if we think you are a real person and living in the UK / EU.
If we think you might be a fake or a spammer we will delete your request. Simple!

This is a group for Harley owners to buy and sell bikes / spares and Harley related items in the UK and the European Union.

Anyone selling non Harley Davidson related items will be deleted - NO SECOND CHANCES.

When you post, please put what the item is, the model of bike and year it's for (if relevant), a price and where you are. This is not a bidding site so name the price you want, don't ask for 'offers'. A photo or two of the items you are selling will always help a sale.
If you post photos with no price or what they are for, they will be deleted.

Please don't post your items more than once. Just 'bump' it up the page.

We don't allow auction links as they get out of control and over run the group. eBay is for auctions not this group!

Once your item is sold, please delete the post or inform an admin and we'll do it for you.

If you are not interested in an item or you don't have something positive to say, don't comment!

We don't want posts for any dating sites, dodgy sunglasses or ads for other pages. If you want to post an event or a business please check with an admin first.

As a rule we are not an advice type of page as there are plenty of forums and other pages available for this. However we all need friendly advice occasionally so any advice type posts will be at the admins discretion. Once we feel the relevant advice has been offered we will delete the post to free up the page. You can also get or offer advice in this group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/709626452444281/

Please do not block up the page with pictures of your bikes, unless relevant to a post.

If you want to show off your pride and joy, please join our sister group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/302264766595228/

We have been informed that a member was being hassled by someone saying that they were ripping people off in the group. I'm sorry to say that this member has now left the group. If you don't like the price that an item is listed at, then it's not for you - move on!

WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE HASSLING OR BULLYING ANYONE OR HERE !! If this happens to you for whatever reason, let an Admin know and they will be deleted and blocked from returning to the group.

Have fun and above all enjoy the group!

Trevor, Moo! & Ian - The Admin Team

ps. We do this for fun and are not in any way responsible for sales on this page. The age old adage applies - Buyer Beware! However to the best of our knowledge there have never been any dishonesty via this page. We'd like to keep it that way. Be excellent folks!