Jamaica Race Drivers Club

The Jamaica Race Drivers Club was formed in 2003 to organize and promote motor racing, primarily at the Dover Raceway located just north of Brown’s Town St.Ann. The Club has an active membership of approximately 80 racers, led by an executive body comprised of 8 members. Events are held primarily on holiday weekends typically: Easter Monday; Labour Day; Independence Day and Heroes Day. These events are usually single day events and typically draw about 50 competitors and an attendance of between 4,000 to 6,000 spectators.

The principal executive members of the club are the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Charles Chen

Chressmore White

Patrick Patterson,

Other directors of the club are as follows:

Monique Gibbs, ,Donovan Montague, Don Thompson, Norman Minott and Silbourne Clarke.

Additionally, the JRDC has an office administrator in the person of Jowelle Gardner

The Club improved the physical infrastructure at the track, including but not limited to:
The erection of a new pedestrian bridge at the spectator entrance.
The renovation of the current pedestrian bridge on the front straight.
The improvement of the track access road.
The expansion of the parking area.
The erection of vendor facilities
The provision of covered spectator stands.
The increase in the numbers of Bays
The provision of Media monitors (tele communications)
Live Broadcast Streaming.
The provision of wireless routing for the internet savy
The creation of a new access road
The increase of vending stalls
The increase of exhibit booths

The JRDC plans to continue the innovations debuted in 2006 with respect to Race Driving schools held at the Track to encourage and develop nascent competitors in a safe and organized manner.

The JRDC would also like to increase our partnerships with corporate Jamaica, as we see many mutually beneficial linkages which exploit the rapidly growing subculture of automobile racing, both locally and internationally.
Contact: Jamaica Race Driver's Club,
27 Burlington Avenue, Kingston 10
Ph. 758-JRDC (5732)

email: jrdc@ymail.com
Website: www.jrdc.org