Kusanthula zakukhosi pa Malawi

This group shall be called Kusanthula zakukhosi pa Malawi. Members are Malawians who have interest in discussing issues that affect Malawians everyday. All members are free to post and comment anything that is relevant to the ideals of this group. Some of the issues that we encourage members to discuss are the following;

Good governance and rule of law
Encouragement of intra party democracy
Business ideas
Fight against corruption
Gossip without naming
International politics that affect Malawi

We request members to bring accurate information and provide links and sources whenever possible. The objectives of this group may be revised according to member`s wishes.

Deletion of Posts, Comments and members

We promise never to delete any comment, member or post! This is not a passport to be uncivilized. Please debate responsibly. Learn to listen to others and do research on the debate topic so that you have good points to be able to debate without embarrassment. Insults are usually a result of accepting that you are weak and not knowledgeable in the debate topic. In extreme cases of abuse of this privilege, we shall always publicly contact the owner of the post to edit it and repost or just edit in terms of comments. Failure to do this shall mean that the post will be deleted through a quick member`s vote. The vote shall be done within 30 minutes and members present in these minutes shall participate. The vote results shall be public. We surely will be sad to delete your comment so please spare us this sadness by acting responsibly. In extreme cases of obscenity and departure from the objectives of this group, the admin reserves the right to delete any post or comment and ban the owner without warning or a members vote.
From time to time, rewards will be given to best contributors. This is just to encourage good contribution. Nominations shall be received and put to vote. Many rewards will be electronic. Some will be physical. This is just part of recognizing members contributions.