Bizztxt Limited - The Virtual Business Card

Bizztxt - the Virtual Business Card!

To see it in action text 'demo' to 215. (texts only cost 20c)

This is an amazing marketing tool whether you are a salesperson, business, magazine, anything that will benefit on people receiving your details! The person sees your "keyword" texts it to 215 and then receives your virtual business card to their phone to be saved for later use.

They receive your name, number, email, website, address, marketing message and image or photo

You can add your keyword to anywhere your marketing exists - Radio, TV, billboards, vehicles, print, facebook, linkedin, email signatures, business cards, and word of mouth.

The service is $20 per month per keyword for Bizztx basic, or $30 per month for Bizztxt pro (comes with an image, account manager and reporting) but since you are a friend, we can offer you, or anyone you recommend our service to for 50% off, so $10 or $15 depending on which you choose.

We have over 100 happy customers who use it regularly and are saying that it adds a level of professionalism that impresses their customers, makes them stand out from the competition, and is getting them referral business.

Here are some examples of how it can be used for different people / businesses

Person - text 'chico' to 215
Tradesperson - text 'apd' to 215
Business - text 'invest' to 215
Restaurant - text 'bracu' to 215
Magazine - text 'healthy' to 215

Some of my customers are so happy with the service they are adding the message to the sign-writing on the vans

If you are interested. Please let me know. If you know anyone that might be keen on this for their business, please get them to contact me. My details are 'aaron' to 215