The purpose of this group is to discuss issues surrounding Co-operatives. Let's discuss governance, profitability, sustainability, membership, identity, capitalisation and everything to do with Co-operatives. I'd really appreciate it if we do not point fingers at anyone and discuss issues affecting Co-operatives GENERALLY. Ga ke batle bo "Koporase ya Maitengwe e tserwe ke Makula, la reng le le Lephata?". Those questions should be addresssed to the relevant BODs and/or our office. Start with yourself, what have you done in your Co-op? Do you know what your roles and responsibilities are as a member? Some members of this group are not cooperators yet, I'd like us to educate them. Feel free too to ask questions, lefa o le veteran. The Pros and cons of Co-operatives. Testimonies too are welcome. Some of us work for the Department for Co-operative Development but that does not mean we are not cooperators in our own right.

DISCLAIMER: This Group wAs created by Mrs Kobamelo John, as an individual not a representative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry nor the Department for Co-operative Development. The views and opinions expressed here are hers as an individual. The idea of this group was brought up by Mr Nsala and after delaying for a while I've decided to create it anyway. I was actually hoping he would take up the initiative. Let's do this.