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TEARS FROM HEAVEN; THE LOST LEGACY OF A DEAD PRESIDENT. P.K.SARPONG If President Mills of blessed memory nursed a flicker of hope that he had established an impregnable legacy before he was railroaded to join his forefathers, then he was a sibling of Alice in Wonderland! Mills employed every strategy to shield John Mahama when the latter's involvement in the acquisition of the presidential jets left a lot to be desired. With his feet-dragging antics, President Mills did everything humanly fallible to protect his corrupt officials, including John Mahama, and since one good turn deserves another, John Mahama was expected to at least show appreciation for Mills' unholy protection of him when he should have been shown the exit. Mahama's ungrateful posture was exhibited during the just ended NDC congress. Mahama was in close cahoots with the Rawlingses to expel Mills' lieutenants from the NDC. Mills toiled in vain. The targets were Dr.Kwabena Agyei, Asiedu Nketia, Yaw Boateng Gyan and Solomon Nkansah. The presidency sponsored people to oust Mills' men from their various positions since they were becoming too powerful to be tamed. The battle for the soul of the party has ended, and it seems Mills was the loser. People invariably live for what they can wheedle out of life, and Mahama's ungrateful attitude justifies this axiomatic expression! Can the gloomy tears of a ghost resuscitate a lost legacy? Your guess is as good as mine.