Bahrain Strays

An initiative started by Fathiya Al Bastaki, a passionate Bahraini animal lover ( DOG LOVER), that has been followed by the compassion, generosity, hard work and drive of many other wonderful supporters and volunteers.

Since this initiative was started back in February 2013 - many stray dogs in different areas of Bahrain such as Zinj, Seqaya, Athari, Salmabad and Saar have been receiving proper food, treatment if found injured or with bad cases of ticks, and some have been found good loving homes.

Our MISSION is to engage the hearts, hands and minds of the Bahraini community to help the stray dogs due to the immense discrimination they receive in our middle eastern culture because they are generally not kept as pets in homes and direct contact is avoided with them.

Through this page, our Instegram account @Bahrain_strays, and many upcoming activities/initiatives we intend to:

- Compassionately and responsibly create a more humane Bahraini communicability for stray dogs.
- Continue looking after the stray dogs and increase our feeding coverage to include other areas in Bahrain by adding more volunteering participants to the feeding programs.
- Preserve and enhance the lives of stray dogs through rescue efforts that remove them from harm’s way.
- Assist in enforcing animal cruelty laws as well as speak for stray dogs welfare - to elevate their status and increase their acceptance.
- Inspire the next generation to be more compassionate and to understand that adopting a shelter/stray dog is the right choice.
- Organize a global network of members/partners that share our goals and continue to provide resources and innovative techniques to save those stray dogs' lives.

We try to serve the community ... The Lucky Ones Come Across Our Way!