Zaahirah Bhamjee for Estee Lauder's new South African Glamour Girl!

It is time...

Time to get your fingers ready and vote for Zaahirah to be our new Glamour Girl. Vote here:

Zaahirah is an exceptionally talented young woman who has been blogging about fashion, glamour and life in general since mid-2011. Her blog was just a starting point for what we know will become an illustrious career and life that she will lead. Her incredible insight into the world of fashion, glamour, beauty and current affairs has kept all of her readers on their toes, waiting for more. The world needs this young ladies talents to be shared and this is her oppurtunity!

Being Estee Lauder's Glamour Girl would be a turning point in her life. I'm sure everyone in this industry knows, it's hard work and talent that helps, but what really gets you your spot in history are these brief oppurtunities such as this that may get you the publicity that you need. So, please, make history and vote!

Vote here:

Voting is easy! Simply click on the link! Then press vote under Zaahirah's name! Type in your name and number and then vote. This process shouldn't take more than 10 seconds and is absolutely free! You have nothing to loose but everything to give to Zaahirah.

I know there are masses of you that spend time on facebook and not knowing what to do with the time, but here is something. Give us publicity and fast! See how many votes we can get. Our goal is 5000 votes, but that may not be even enough. So invite all that you know! Share the link to vote for Zaahirah and make this big!