Chesterfield Resale & Exchange

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind! Let's use this site as a place to clear out the unneeded and get deals on the wanted.
Items appropriate to list include: kid's items (toys, clothes, shoes, equipment, etc), housewares, decorative items, handmade/craft items, electronics, games, furniture, exercise equipment, sports equipment, adult clothes and shoes, bikes, motorcycles, tools. No selling of firearms or weapons is allowed on this site. Please no selling/re-homing of animals, however if you have a lost pet or found pet that would be acceptable. Also, no home based business items. We have a special document section that you can list your business and contact information. If you have discontinued/liquidation items and are offering these items at a reduced price, then set up an album....we all love a good deal. Yard sales can be advertised on here, but please delete the post once the sale has ended. List your items at a reasonable price. Pass the word so we get a lot of Chesterfield members!