History for All was formed in September 2014, by members of various Yorkist Ricardian groups wanting a forum in which to discuss topics which don't necessarily concern King
Richard III. But we have now built upon these foundations, and these groups and pages are no longer solely for Ricardians. They are for everyone as the name 'History for All' suggests. We currently have four facebook groups or pages:

History for All [ This group ] This is for the light-hearted discussion of past events, from prehistoric times to the present day. We have no limitation as to what may be posted and often more recent events are explored, which may be looked upon by some as current affairs rather than those of a historical context. We also have a monthly draw from the membership, in which we send out a gift as a small token of our appreciation. In addition we happily accept items on here which relate to the paranormal.

History for All - simply history. On here we examine more serious topics. Many posts may be repeated from the above group, but the admin approves all posts before publication in order to deter those of a more frivolous nature.

History for All - Retro. Memories of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

History for All - Addiscombe College and British-India. This page, not a group, is for recording material of interest to the Hon. East India Company's officer training establishment at Croydon, which closed in 1861.

In addition we have a well used website for the recording of material which is too long or involved for use on facebook. Address below.

These are not sites for fanatics, but forums for open discussion of all aspects of the past. We encourage free speech and our only stipulation is for members to respect differences of opinion and to act in a civil way towards each other. History for All is for everyone, regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual preference, nationality, personal faith or culture. We do not accept discrimination or bullying of any kind, and certainly you will not be in receipt of it from our Admin. If you have a problem with us, or if we have with you, then we may discuss it in private and in an adult fashion. We would naturally invite you to apply for membership of one of our Facebook sites, or to tick 'like' in order to participate on our pages. You are most welcome to use our website at any time whether or not you belong to any of our groups. If using any of the material however, please do remember that much of it is under copyright from prior publication. So please do message us for permission or acknowledge where you have obtained it from when quoting elsewhere.

Those wishing to concentrate on the life and times of Richard III, would perhaps be better to apply for membership of Richard III Lord of the North' which we ardently recommend.

Our Website: www.history-for-all.net