Families in Oman

Families in Oman is for any individual or CHILD related business to discuss CHILD related posts and selling CHILD related items. In order to become a member you must have a personal profile or be a child related business. (ie no pseudonyms)
1) Posts must be pregnancy or child related only
2) Each post can only be reposted after one week
3) This is NOT a site for businesses to use for free advertising unless it is child related and adverts may be deleted at the discretion of the Admins.
4) We will not tolerate spam, abuse, or other non-acceptable behavior. We reserve the right to remove posts or users without explanation.
5) We are here to support each other, if things get heated or difficult we have a team of volunteer Admins who will step in but please make their lives easy by either challenging opinions politely or simply moving on to another discussion.
6) Racial or discriminatory comments/posts will not be tolerated. Any such posts will be immediately deleted and member will be permanently banned from the group.
Admins will continue to monitor the site and delete posts as they see appropriate.

Please be aware that this is an open group ie it can be seen by all members of the public and hence phone numbers and any other private information posted on the site can be seen by all.