Facts Are Stupid Things: Evaluating the Ronald Reagan Legacy

Why "Facts Are Stupid Things?"

Recently, a conservative posted a truly lame joke about Barack Obama to a right-wing Facebook fan page.

When a commenter (a liberal with a sense of humor) chimed in with the observation that the joke wasn't half as funny as the time then-president Ronald Reagan said, "Facts are stupid things," the conservative went on a tear about Reagan never having said such a thing.

I in turn replied to the same thread, not only to affirm the fact that Reagan had made that very famous gaffe at the 1988 Republican National Convention, but to also quote an acquaintance who worked for the Reagan team and witnessed the squirming among Reagan's entourage at the convention when Reagan slipped up. I also included a link to the full speech and a cue to the time at which it happens (11:59, for those of you keeping score at home).

Within minutes, practically every progressive was purged from the discussion board and a number of threads and comments were changed from "public" to "hidden."

It is remarkable that critics (and haters) of the present POTUS try to make hay out of his use of the TelePrompTer, but say nothing about its use by Reagan (or Bush Sr. or Jr.).

But then again, facts are stupid things...