those who choose turkey ( i love turkey )

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to the newcomers in this group…please take a second to read the rules below…No adds me or rude language is excepted here…ban will follow immediately. Thank you and God Bless!

EXPRESS yourself freely with posts, pictures or chats and let's have mature participation. As the Group title states, ladies and not indecexposure or porn. Nudity is not allowed by FB. Be exciting and have fun! The key word for this group is RESPECT!

Here are the general rules for this group:

* Don't do selfish pictures in this group

* Harassing other members is not allowed...not here or in
will be removed at once.
* Posting "ADD ME" in this group is not allowed.
* Advertising of personal groups etc is not allowed.
* Rude language is not allowed.
* No pictures of children are allowed.
* No posting of links to other sites or groups
* No abusive comments allowed.
* No rude language or profanity is allowed

ANY violation will result in immediate banning from the group. Please, let's keep it tidy AND BE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE!
Thank you!