Qatar Cars Buy & Sell

QATAR CARS BUY & SELL group is created for buyers, sellers or traders of used or new vehicles to be merchandised easily through Facebook.
1.) Only vehicles (including parts and accessories) of all types can be posted in this group. Any member/s found to have posted or commented other from these will be immediately banned.
2.) All vehicles require: Photos, Description, Location, Contact details and are sold by the seller on first come, first served basis.
3.) It is not allowed to put another AD in the comment on a members ad post, you will be blocked immediately.
4) Ad/ post flooding is not allowed, and posting the same ad is also not allowed. If you want your ad/post to be on top just look for your ad and comment "BUMP'. You can easily find your post using the search tab.
5) For any complains, you can message or call the attention of the admin- Kanaan Cars or Mahmoud Kanaan.
6.) We strongly encourage the use of ENGLISH and ARABIC LANGUAGE ONLY in posting your ads, though comments can be done in any languages.
7.) All vehicles should be in Qatar and payment should be in Qatari Riyals.
8.) The Group owner/creator is NOT liable/ responsible for any transactions made within this Group. Use your common sense when dealing with total/complete strangers.