Tiny Hearts of Maldives (THM)

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Tiny Hearts of Maldives is an association established in memory of Keyaan, the beautiful first born son of Ali Muaz and Fathimath Hishmath Faiz, the founders of this association.
Keyaan was born with a congenital heart condition, which resulted in his untimely death at the tender age of 2 and half months. Our experience with our son’s condition lead us to realize the critical need for access to information and assistance in dealing with specific health issues that affect newborns, infants and young children in general, in the Maldives.

Our mission therefore, is to endeavour to fill a much needed gap in providing information and professional knowledge to Maldivian parents on children’s heart health issues, with particular emphasis on congenital heart conditions.

Our aim is to inform and support parents, to empower, equip and prepare them with the knowledge to seek timely professional assistance when faced with the distressing situation of caring for children with medical conditions of the heart. Therefore, we seek to focus our activities in the following six areas.

Knowledge: create knowledge and awareness about various congenital and other heart conditions affecting little children before and after birth by seeking the support of various national/international professional organizations.

Empowerment: empower parents and families to take timely action through appropriate information and awareness.

Young child health: advice parents, families and young children on the importance of maintaining a lifestyle that develops a healthy heart starting from childhood.

Advocacy: advocate for the establishment of a suitable cardiac unit with basic equipment and qualified staff in at least one hospital in Maldives and continuously review the provision of related services.

Advice: provide advice and infomation to parents and families on hospitals in the region that provide detection, treatment and care for children with various heart conditions.

Networking: establish a support network for parents and families of children with conditions and provide information on various options available for possible treatment.