Arbroath and Carnoustie DIYatholon

Aims of Arbroath & Carnoustie DIYathalon Club (ACDC).
- Get you the health and fitness you want. Progressive fitness that you can change and adapt as your life changes - a long term programme.
- You set your own challenges, something that means something to you personally that will make you proud of yourself.
- It's still a swim, bike, run event and can be indoor or outdoor, part of an official race or solely your own invention. Set when it best suits you.
- It should be enjoyable and help you discover your fitness potential, an experiment to find your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
- You dont have to pay fees to anyone or shell out for expensive equipment.
-Your friends are there to support you or advise you if you need it, and to shore up your triumphs.
- You can look at the group and see what others are doing, how they are facing their challenges and take it on board, or not, for yourself.