New Zealand Photography Group

We are a group of photography hobbyists who enjoy all sorts of different types of photography.

We want to share our journey and learn - to this point, we'd like to encourage you to really consider your comments on photos. Comments like "Great shot bro, Nice one or Epic" while great for the ego, aren't always the best for sharpening ones skills. So we'd like to challenge members to provide constructive feedback on images.

While providing feedback is great but they are not necessarily received, and since art is very subjective therefore any disagreements of feedback and opinion are best to be ceased in silence.

Remember we are all learning, so be honest, be fair - have fun!

Membership Requirements:
1. You are into photography
2. Your photos are somehow NZ related, either photos were taken in NZ or you are a NZer travelling overseas.
3. Your profile shows your location during membership request (admins prefer this)
4. Your profile allows direct messaging so admins can message you regarding your location.
Failing above will be declined without notice.