Campaign to Bring Virgin Media to CT Postcode

Canterbury and it's surrounding areas are one of the busiest parts of Kent with over 1.7 million people living and working in it's areas. At the moment, The only broadband options that are available are ADSL/Fibre (Using at least at one point the Archaic Telephone Network to deliver the services). This leaves a very slow and unstable experience with many drop-outs and slowdowns on the network in general. With so many people in this fast changing world demanding access to high speed broadband, We'd like to campaign to bring Virgin Media to Canterbury and the surrounding areas. This means that we can get FTP (Fibre to Premises) meaning faster, more reliable and consistent broadband experience and not having to deal with BT Openreach who are just interested in getting the bare bones working no matter how slow or unstable. At present, Virgin Media is not available in this area but are prepared to Supply to Demand. If you are interested in getting this area of Kent faster and more reliable internet services, Please show your support by joining this page so we can offer more options for everyone. Thank you.