CARREFOUR (OFFICIAL) FUN TIMES 2013-2014 (We like bananas)

HELLO HELLO AND WELCOME to the official C4 2013-2014 group! First off, congratulations on getting into McGill and being accepted to Carrefour, you´re in for one awesome year.

Reasons to be excited about the coming year:
1) you get to move to Montreal, a big city with hundreds of exciting things to see and discover
2) you´ve been accepted to mcgill, which happens to be a really good school, as I´m sure you know by now
3) You are going to be moving into Carrefour Sherbrooke! The hotel rez with the upper rez feel. Here you´re going to make some incredible and lasting friendships and meet all kind of friendly/ fun/ zany/ puffy/ psychadelic peeps

At this point you might be wondering, who is writing/ saying/ making all these awesome claims? We are your floor fellows - upper year students here to help you navigate the craziness that is first year university life. We've created this group as a space for you guys to network/ ask questions/ get a sense of the awesomeness that is the community you'll be joining. We'll be monitoring it over the summer and will do our best to get back to you if you have any questions. (c) Alana last year

We cannot wait to meet all of you!
Your floor fellers
Adam, Arielle, Bryan, Christina, Julia, Kieran, Peter, and Kim