Australian R32 VW Owners Group

A group for Volkswagen R32 Owners in Australia.

This is a Facebook page that creates a community for Volkswagen Golf R32 owners and enthusiasts in Australia.

My aim is to gather as many owners out there and put them in one big group. As we know, there is a plethora of VW R32 owners in Australia that are floating around on Facebook that are not in any community.

Feel free to post anything from parts for sale, pictures, drives etc. Hopefully this will make it easier for us all to keep in contact, sell and buy parts.

Please feel free to add other VW R32 owners as well.

Basic rules:

1. If any member sees anything that they have a concern with please use the "report/mark as spam" function by clicking the downward arrow and selecting it to bring it to the attention of the administrators. Reporting problem posts is a great way you can contribute to keeping the AUSR32 community running smoothly.

2. Ease on the level of swearing and choice of words towards other members and your own posts.

3. Do not 'offend' others about their rides: Once again, we are all here to share a passion for a niche market.

4. Try not to inflate the page with unnecessary posts. The occasional joke here and there is acceptable, but to a certain degree.

5. Have fun: We all here share the same passion! Let's embrace that!

Thank you.