Avon District 2215

This is the Facebook page for all Representatives in Avon District 2215.
It is a Business sharing venue to benefit the operation of each Group Member's Avon business. The purpose is also to learn, share ideas and resources and encourage one another. This is the place to celebrate your successes with others to inspire growth and confidence. What is not allowed to be posted are:
*Negativity toward a decision made by a Group Member
*Bashing of Avon Products Inc
*Personal or Family health issues
*Vulgarity or cuss words
*Advertising for alternative businesses or fund raisers.
I will delete any posts that include the above banned subjects. All members have personal FB pages and Instant Messaging where individual and or family information can be posted and any Group Members is free to 'like' others members.
It is my intent to keep this Group positive and helpful. If you do have a need to discuss a serious Avon related issue, you are free to message me or email me. Thank you to everyone who is part of this wonderful Avon District 2215. I value each and everyone of you and your contribution to the positive enlightenment of all within the group.