ACS-Xerox DOTA2 Players

Was initially created for ACS-Xerox employees (and or former employees) who plays DOTA2 on their spare time.

Steam Group:

The goal the group is to share information about the game as well as to look for other players from the company joined so we can play with other co-workers and enjoy the game we love... DOTA2.

If you intend to have DOTA2, already has DOTA2, or simply just a DOTA1/LOL/HoN/HotS/ player. You are still welcome as long as you have Dota2 installed and can play with us when needed. Members may invite other players from the company at any time (needs admin approval).

Anyone can also post Tech Stuff, News, Hobbies, other games, gadgets, Manga, etc, so as to promote activity and group interest.

If you or your friends and co-workers needs a DOTA2 Free invite kindly do the following:

Go to (you must login with your steam account) then click "Play Dota2" and it will be linked to your steam account, that's about it. Go back relaunch your steam account and Dota should be there with an "Install" button.

That's all. Your Welcome!