Zumbrota for Sale/Wanted Items

The Zumbrota For Sale group was created for individuals to sell, buy, and search for items for pick up in the Zumbrota Area.

The following are the 10 Group rules. Please read thoroughly BEFORE buying or selling.

Rule #1. First person to comment on an item, regardless of what is said, has first option to purchase. It is expected that the seller will respond to the member in a timely manner. It is disrespectful for another member to jump in and state “Ill take it" before the initial member has had their question answered or has said they will pass. It is, however ok to say you would like to be next in line the initial member changes his/her mind. Tagging another member DOES NOT count as a comment and DOES NOT hold tagged member's place in line for an item.

Rule #2. There will be no auction format sales allowed. This is not eBay!.

Rule #3. Please be considerate of others.

Rule #4. Sellers may "bump” their posts once a day and do not bump more than 5 at the same time.

Rule #5. If you have a large number of items you would like to list at once or would like multiple pictures of one item please put them in an album . Do NOT put single pictures in albums. Albums with only one picture in them will be deleted by administration.

Rule #6. Do not advertise your item on someone else's post. For example, if I am selling a Red Wing Crock, do not comment under my photo that you also have a Red Wing crock you would sell. Post your OWN photo.

Rule #7. Delete your post after your item sells. If you are relisting your item, please remember to find your previous post and delete it. Duplicate postings will be deleted. It is all the members’ responsibility to keep our page clutter free so keep it neat....please DELETE!

Rule #8. Do not list ANY type of alcohol, food, tobacco products, e-cigarettes or weapons for sale or trade (including paintball and pellet guns). Weapons are prohibited by Facebook.

Rule #9. Using vulgar language, being rude to others, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the administrators of this group will result in your removal from the group.

Rule #10. Remember to label your items with a description and price.

Administrators of this group are not responsible for the safety or wellbeing of any member of this group. Be safe. Use common sense and meet in a public place during daylight hours. If buying an expensive or electronic item verify authenticity and/or make sure an electronic item works and looks as you expected BEFORE paying for it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. There are 3 admins and LOTS of smart, funny, terrific members in this group willing to assist anyone who requests help.