Angola Auto Trader

Thanks for your interest in Angola Auto Trader. Pull up a bucket seat, kick back, and relax with your local automotive community.

Built to serve the community in Angola, Indiana and the surrounding region, Angola Auto Trader helps you connect with others to buy, sell, or trade nearly all things automotive. This includes Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Four Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, Campers, Mowers, Trailers, and many other automotive toys in-between.

DO post your automotive items for sale with thorough descriptions, images, pricing, and contact information. And, as a courtesy, DO leave the comment “SOLD” on your items that have been sold to avoid needless inquiries.

DO NOT post any items not related to automotive (e.g. household items, clothing, or other solicitations). Users also agree not to post anything abusive, rude, vulgar, or threatening to other members.

Any users who post unrelated solicitations/advertisements will be immediately removed from the group. We do this to maintain the integrity and trust of the Angola Auto Trader community and to best serve our users with only the relevant content they have come to expect from the group.

Please note that, in choosing to be a part of this Angola Auto Trader group, you take full responsibility for all communication, transactions, and purchases made with other members. The administrators of Angola Auto Trader assume no responsibility for any sales made among members and provide no guarantee to the accuracy of information provided among members. All transactions and/or disputes must be resolved between you and the buyer or you and the seller. Feel free to remove yourself from the group if you do not agree to these terms. :)

If you have any specific questions or comments concerning Angola Auto Trader or wish to report other members that may be compromising the integrity of the community, feel free to contact the lead site administrator, Eric Hoyer.

All the best to you and to fulfilling your automotive needs.

-- Angola Auto Trader Admin Dudes