Fulham Court SW6

A closed group for residents of Fulham Court. Fulham Court Estate is a relatively large LBH&F Council-owned estate located in the South of the borough, close to Fulham Broadway (Town Ward), which is a small town centre. The estate is characterised by low-rise brown-brick buildings, with an inward-looking design, with a lack of greenery and communal open space. There is a small row of shops on the northern boundary of the estate, on Fulham Road,
The estate, which was built in 1933, comprises 356 dwellings, contained in one 4-storey block and eight 5-storey blocks. The majority of housing stock relates to two and three bedroom units (72%), with a breakdown of dwellings by number of bedrooms as follows:
• Studio: 4
• 1 Bedroom: 89
• 2 Bedroom 155
• 3 Bedroom 100
• 4 Bedroom 7
• 5 Bedroom 1