Young Tourism Professionals in Kenya

A platform for young Tour Operators & professionals in Kenya to meet,interact and most importantly grow. In Swahili we say 'Kidole kimoja hakiui chawa'. So,together... we seek for growth

Simple rules for the group:
1. It's a closed group, membership is by invite only so as to lock out spammers and people who'll wash down the main reason we're here

2. Please if you have to invite someone, ensure He/She is a serious & active person in tourism who will add value to the group

3. Feel free to post anything you deem important on the group wall, and let's keep the wall/group active. Inactive members are deleted every 2 weeks to make room for other serious people in tourism who're ready to share & interact

4. Strictly NO advertising on the group wall, we all know many other sites where we can post adverts, plus we all know how spammed our wall was when we last attempted leaving it open for adverts. We'll simply delete your advert & immediately block you

5. We plan to not just keep this as a facebook group,but also meet once in a while & interact/network so look out for scheduled meetings which are pinned on the group wall once details are clear(date & venue)

6. During your travels, if you find a new good accommodation , tented camp, lodge, place etc kindly feel most welcome to share with the rest

7. If you have something tourism related that you would like to pass on to the rest, talk it over or simply gather views,then feel free to post and we'll actively engage the entire team

Together,we'll grow!

Karibuni sana