The Party Liberation Front - PLF

The Party Liberation Front (PLF) is a collective of people from ...all walks of life, ranging from (but not limited to) fire and circus art performers, DJs, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, cooks, gardeners, science minded individuals, philosophers, community organizers...and any other citizen of the world. Part of our mission is to nurture community, stimulate individuals and hold/support events based on creativity, celebration, inclusion, respect, gratitude, inspiration, positivity and progression. We do our best to embrace the 10 principles of Burning Man while maintaining the realities of working to make our existing environments better and strive to create an atmosphere that can be appreciated and utilized by all who care to open their minds to something outside of society's "regular" box. Party Liberation Now!

Attention! Posting things non-PLF related or anything deemed inappropriate for whatever reason may be deleted. This includes product placement, spam, or overposting by individuals . Please note that any post is the opinion or view of the individual and does not reflect PLF as a whole. Thank you for your continued support. Meow.