Sanchin no Kenkyu

Sanchin kata is the core kata of Nafadi traditions including Goj...u ryu, Uechi ryu, Pangai Noon, Ryuei ryu, Toon ryu, and Kingai ryu. It is used in Shito ryu and Kyokushin-kai.Tthere are also branches of the Suidi family that practice Sanchin. Even Motobu Udundi has a version of Sanchin called Mutudi. According to Mabuni Kenwa: "Kihon kata (Sanchin and Naihanchi) contain all the fundamental techniques of karate, which teaches the body correct posture, the harmonious application of breath and intrinsic energy (ki). Furthermore it develops a strong physique and martial spirit. (…) Kata movement is meant to be used in a real encounter as it effectively uses physical strength, respiration and vital energy (ki) to mold technique. " At first glance Sanchin kata seems to lack useful fighting techniques. However, mature karateka are able to see effective techniques and principles which are easily applied to self defense.