(RPI) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Class of 2017

I made this group for you guys. You guys are about to embark on a new journey to the wonderful,industrious, and nerdy life of Rensselaer. Remember guys if you have any questions, you can ask some of the current freshman questions (including myself) privately, or you can put it on this form, and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.
The current freshmen in this group that you can ask questions to are:

Mechanical Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering Department:
Me "Benjamin Asamoah" : Mechanical Engineering ' 16
Scott Marcella: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering'16
Cal Manjunath: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering '16
Jonathan Karsh: Aerospace Engineering '16
Craig Garfinkel Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering '16
Amanda Gallo: Nuclear Engineer and NROTC '16
Brandon Smail: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering '16

Electrical,Computer and Systems Engineering Department:
Stephen Romano: Computer and Systems Engineering '16
Malcolm Hebb: Computer and Systems Engineering'16
Michael Han: Computer and Systems Engineering'16
Andy Kakkaramadam: Computer and Systems Engineering'16 and Computer Science '16

Lally School of Business Department:
Kayla Jones: DUAL Business and Electronic, Media, Arts and Communications (EMAC): concentration Graphic Design with a Minor in Math Operations Research '16

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department:
Marina Alexander: Civil Engineering '16
Micaila Dean: Civil Engineering,Structural'16

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department:
Jenny Li: Chemical Engineering '16
Molly Pace: Chemical Engineering '16
Brad Schwartz: Chemical Engineering '16
Courtney Murphy: Chemical Engineering'16

Biology Department:
Matthew Mashayekhi: Biology '16
Jake Nelson: Biology'16
Deborah Winograd: Biology & Cognitive Science, pre-med '16
Tamar Rogoszinski: Biology'16

HASS Department:
Elizabeth Anderson: Sustainability Studies'14

CS Department:
Courtney Tambling Computer Science and Electronic Media, Arts and Communication (EMAC) '16
Ethan Bond Computer Science and Design, Innovation, and Society (PDI) ' 16
Terence Farrell: Computer Sciences and Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (GSAS) '16
Damian Z Mastylo: Computer Science'16
John Conover: GSAS and Computer Science '16
Chris Celi: Computer Science and Math '16

Materials Science & Engineering:
Erin Evke: Materials Science & Engineering '16
Sarah Scrub: Materials Science & Engineering'16

Biomedical Engineering Department:
Jack Eaton: Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering'16
Caiti Callaghan: Biomedical Engineering w/ minor in Mathematics '16

Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Department:
Benjamin Bowles: Physics '16
Zach Holmes: Physics'16

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department:
Shoshana Rubinstein: Industrial & Management Engineering'16

Architecture Department:
Ben Wojcik: Architecture'17

Information Technology & Web Science:
Holly Loomer Information Technology & Web Science'16

Christopher DiNocola: Undeclared'16