House Hold Items middlesbrough

Rules are simple, use YOUR common sense when bumping ad's a good idea for bumping is morning, dinnertime, teatime and evening oh and delete the post if item has been sold.

if you have a lot of items...please put them all in 1 can be done..continuous bumps of multiple albums will get you deleted...

NO loan sites or any kind of money lending buisnesses to be advertised on this group, ppl are struggling enough......

If you have a lot of items to sell...PLEASE put them in an album.PLEASE bump album ...not individual items...clogs the page :)

NO weapons of any kind even ornamental

Bullying will NOT be tollerated towards anyone!

No Porn to be sold on this group!

Racist sexist or homophobic remarks will be met with IMMEDIATE ban..

Any blocking of member of admin will result in IMMEDIATE ban.

Feel free to advertise your groups in here, as long as we can advertise in both ways lol, we believe we can all help each other !!

And Ultimately enjoy yourselves and make some good friends!

Welcome to all our new members, NO silly rules here, bumping every 4 hours is others a chance... all we ask is be respectful to other sellers/buyers and once an item is sold kindly remove the post :)

Your Admin Team, Gary and Max