Tell Fox News to Stop Pushing Sexual Content!

The purpose of this group is to challenge Fox News for having sexual content on its website. This past week I was disgusted to see that Fox News was partnering with Playboy. While it isn't anything new or surprising that Fox has sexual content both on its website and at time on the air, but it is time that it is challenged.

I'm sure most are aware of the gender gap that exists within politics. Women are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican. While Fox News is not the Republican Party, they represent that view, as they are an alternative to the more liberal stations. This sexual content sends the wrong message to Republican women, as well as Independent women who may identify with some principles of the Republican party, yet at the same time feel alienated by the message that is being sent by Fox News. This is not the way to attract female voters to the party! The Republican party, if it wishes to succeed and attract female voters, must get rid of this type of imagery that is clearly degrading to women. And let's not forget that there are also men who may be equally offended as well! So let's join together and let Fox News know that this type of sexual content is completely inappropriate on a website that is supposed to give us news and intelligent perspective on issues!